Two of my favorite books,I think a review..?

I believe if there’s a good movie, there’s even a better book behind the making  (uuf!i think my cat just farted😦..see,even she agrees in her own way).Heck yeah, im talking about the unparalled literature prowess of Rowling and Tolkein…need i say ya’ll better know im proud to be a pure blood in this case seeing as ive read and watched both the books and movies. When it comes to these two Ill only be highlighting a few of the similarities,God knows there’s quite a few of those

Lets transition into the topic of today of the day,shall We?

Numero uno: Both Harry and Frodo start off as young orphans living with their uncles.Frodo’s been blessed with Mr Baggins who is generally Nice and loves his nephew while Harry has his Uncle Dursley(curse him) who is…well,not Nice to say the least .

2.They both feature a wise,grey bearded wizard i.e Dumbledore and Gandalf the grey…(at one point both one and the same person if I may add;)literally it’s the same actor !Acting as mentors,guiding the protagonists through their journeys.

3.Seeing as We already have the protagonists why dont We add some spice and throw in Ol’ Voldy(Voldermort) and Sauron,the two Dark Lords with extreme power,who unfortunately lose it all,use vessels to store what remains of their souls and in turn -cant take physical form though their spirit lives on and then later..regain their power again.

4.Then we’ve got Voldermort’s horcxuses and of course Sauron’s Ring in which their souls are attached to meaning if they’re destroyed both Dark Lords wouldnt survive.Fifty point for poor Smeagol hehe,i think he kinda deserved it seeing as how things ended for him.. And his precious) 
5.Dark forests;the Dark forest and Mirkwood/Fangorn from lord of the Rings.Now that i think about it,i dont know which is worse, risk the Dark forest and link up with Aragog the giant spider and his fam,werewolves and Centaurs,id count professor Umbridge here id it were possible,sadly..Then we’ve got Orks,the Nazguls and nasty Smeagol in lord of the Rings.

6.We’ve got Death Eaters for Voldy(sorry,it’s starting to stick on me )and Nazguls for Sauron who are followers who reign terror and are often sent to track down the protagonists. 
7.Talking trees that move and think for themselves ie The whomping Willow from H.P and The Ents (who btw kicked Ork butts in the battle of the two towers😝rock on Treebeard!).

8.Where i done did my research called them ‘A mischievous comic relief’ pairing and here i mean,Fred&George then Merry&Pippin (these two were on some good old strong Narcotics courtesy of Gandalf and the stash they found in the tower,my OG legends from the days,see down here?these two get stoned Af)

9.Wont be able to Forget characters like Ron and Hermionie and Samwise Gamgee who teach us a very valuable lesson about friendship(reference to Ron and Sam) who both seem to express love for food only Ron can appreciate..and Oh,lookie here,they both have ginger hair.(God,Sam,i always knew  deep down You were a Wiesley)

And finally Numero Diez:Characters that have both been good and evil at various stages throughout their lives(sometimes falsely).Both have final redemption(and end up dying).We have Severus Snape and Boromir

 So,question ;Dyu think that Nazguls were in a way also a form of dementors?if so,why?also i wont mind your take on Dobby and Smeagol

 I think its really important to connect with the books You read in order to grasp the content within,You may find that some form of it is expressing itself in your life (Psychologically speaking).Its said that most of the fans of the two series have connected with the character’s lives.

The thief of happiness.

Wait till you’re announced,

Don’t look like you’re surprised,you’ve known this all along.

It’s not only the colourful houses that are noticed.

Blood isn’t the only thing you’ll be losing if you proceed

Do you forget,you are not only a flower..You are a seed.

I have a body

And I wasn’t really sure who was living in it.

I sit down to ‘re-evaluate myself And still not believe

That I wondered if I ever loved myself ,really.

I knew how to thrive in self doubt.

All the pride and defensiveness.With all that I’m sure if my heart ever did have a face,it would’ve been a frown.

Used to hide behind a mask, used to look at other things..and want.

Used to know how it is to stare at myself in the mirror,and see two different people.

Feel like two different people.

it was for me .. to put on that hijab and let it stay there.

How hard it still is not to put on some make up and stay face -clear

Hard to walk slowly..,confidently and not fear…anxiety being the order of the day ,add a little bit of tension and stir

It was almost impossible to cope with society and not bend to the pressures of my peers

I used to keep to myself a lot,to society I saw myself as a non grata..they said I had the look of a deviant

And to most,I felt insignificant.

Soon after,i don’t want to go out anymore even with the make up

I was full of excuses …they all sounded like one ofcourse,even when they were not.

Dang,I was really in a knot.

I Wanted to wallow is self pity and sadness,

Also I’d get high,zone out and pretend I was in a bar(my imagination has always been working for me )

the barmaid would ask, “Would you like a tall glass of depression to go with all that,your highness?”

Worry is a thief.Of hearts..of time..Of happiness .

I forgot to recall that I was not doing this for the world.It didn’t really owe me anything.

So here’s something for us all;

They say you are what you’,remember,mean words are sticky.

Every time you put that fake face on,don’t kid yourself.It shows.

Don’t try too hard to be strong,its okay to be vulnerable .

Don’t worry too much, it’s your mind and heart that wonders the most.

And it’s only when you think you’ve wandered too far that you start to feel lost.

Prometheus Unbound,..Thoughts&Feels

“Its time to make the most of us.

Time to tie up the boat in a way that we’ve never before,

Time to step out ,put our feet on the ground and knock on a brand new door,

Time to grow some feathers;unlearn and learn some more

Back to the blackboard and chalk

Take down all of those thoughts and make them appealing

Write down your wrongs and flaws;know all these feelings

Those goals,visions and dreams all look like wishful thinking

Don’t see only water,think the ocean beneath

And feel the movements of these words under your skin

They’ll want to say you are crazy

Free..,yet cagey..
Exquisite but really

We all only little cups of energy

Most of us have been through it all before

Some of us still do come back for more

Sometimes not at all,sometimes only for a moment.

A premonition…an omen.

Loosen up all the ideas of your fears and look to all of your friends

Some people speak so casually but conversation and intelligence always blends

Learn to pick some characters,don’t pretend

Sometimes it’s okay to relax and not think

Okay,you can exhale now..just let it sink.