What about the girls? Hi

Yeah I wrote about the boys.

I got feedback from those who’ve honored me by giving it a read.Some are mad thinking I inadvertently roasted the menfolk while writing about that,frankly I had a certain demography in mind I wanted to highlight so I may have perhaps added some feeling from personal experiences .Others had disagreed letting me know they are indeed different.

And the rest were ..well,merely amused and or curious

They asked me what about the girls,the girls in my world.

What About the girls in my world??

I must admit,its taking me a while to get into it.To (summarise) a general concept of the flaws of my own flock,there are certain truths I have never wanted to *come to terms with* that sadly, I must come to terms with.The girls in my world are a reflection of myself and we all know how ugly things can really get.

I cannot begin to write about The girls in my world without writing about myself.

My stories must first come from somewhere within me,at least i get to choose the space simply because I am also a procrastinator and im always almost missing timing ,details and deadlines by a hair,

Haha I’m just kidding ,time has nothing to a do with the girls in my friggin’ world.it’s completely irrelevant to the topic.

As unappealing and yet still…cute as the insecurities these creatures are prone to,I can imagine irrational tears,fears and exceptional at pettiness they are ;the girls in my world.Who else to deal with all that than these poor sweet boys

Oh ye of little faith,

The children of satan must be fed.

Author: Suave savage

Sometimes i read posts and think 'Now why didn't i think to write that?' and manage to maintain a hate-love-ship with the writer and the article respectively.Also,I seem to write a lot about writing

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