Dø I häve tò bê sÃD?

Isnt it tiring
When nothing is inspiring
Im getting stuck alot
Like there’s a snag somewhere-maybe in my wiring
I close my eyes trying to think of something
I count and hold my breath
Inhale, exhale, nothing.
Dyu think im spiralling?
How often do people see through a happy face?
Do i have to be sad to find my happy place?
You could try give me your whole world
And it still wouldnt be enough space
Maybe i didnt set the right pace
Maybe i should be walking slow & taking it the same.

Author: Suave savage

Sometimes i read posts and think 'Now why didn't i think to write that?' and manage to maintain a hate-love-ship with the writer and the article respectively.Also,I seem to write a lot about writing

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