Prometheus Unbound,..Thoughts&Feels

“Its time to make the most of us.

Time to tie up the boat in a way that we’ve never before,

Time to step out ,put our feet on the ground and knock on a brand new door,

Time to grow some feathers;unlearn and learn some more

Back to the blackboard and chalk

Take down all of those thoughts and make them appealing

Write down your wrongs and flaws;know all these feelings

Those goals,visions and dreams all look like wishful thinking

Don’t see only water,think the ocean beneath

And feel the movements of these words under your skin

They’ll want to say you are crazy

Free..,yet cagey..
Exquisite but really

We all only little cups of energy

Most of us have been through it all before

Some of us still do come back for more

Sometimes not at all,sometimes only for a moment.

A premonition…an omen.

Loosen up all the ideas of your fears and look to all of your friends

Some people speak so casually but conversation and intelligence always blends

Learn to pick some characters,don’t pretend

Sometimes it’s okay to relax and not think

Okay,you can exhale now..just let it sink.

Author: Suave savage

Sometimes i read posts and think 'Now why didn't i think to write that?' and manage to maintain a hate-love-ship with the writer and the article respectively.Also,I seem to write a lot about writing

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